Some of these habits are why I usually leave my cell phone at home when I go out to dinner with friends so I don’t freak out and start livetweeting my dinner conversation.

8 thoughts on “10 Types of Social Media Addicts via Mashable

  1. This made me laugh and its so true for many people. I could laugh at it because i’m actually very new to social networking – despite having an extremely technical background at one point, I still decided to stay away… And it is totally rude when people keep checking their phones or even take a call when they are supposed to be having dinner with you!!! I’m thinking of sharing this with a few patients I know but they really are incurable!

    • I know I am prone to check out of social situations sometimes, which is why I always leave my phone at home when I’m trying to connect. I know that a lot of people use social media for validation (I know I do), and that is what makes it addicting. At least I know I have a problem, and hey isn’t admitting you have a problem the first step to recovery?

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