picture of cleaning productsHave you ever clicked on someone’s Twitter profile to find out more about them only to be greeted with a fuzzy picture and a vague bio with no outside links? While I understand that while some people don’t want to be found on Twitter, those of you who do, can follow these few simple steps for cleaning up your profile.

1. Upload a higher resolution Twitter avatar

This way when people click on it, they will be greeted with a crisp clear photo instead of murky low res pixilated images.

2. Add a clear bio

It doesn’t have to tell people everything about you, but it should be an honest representation of who you are and what you do. This way you can begin to make connections with people who are in the same industry as you.

3. Add a website

This doesn’t have to be your personal website, but it should be a website where people can find more information about you. A great place to link to is your LinkedIn Profile.

4. Add your location

This way locals can connect with you. Part of social media is connecting with likeminded individuals and being social.

5. Finally: Figure out what you want to use Twitter account for

I have two accounts, one that I use for live-tweeting TV shows and telling jokes, and the other one for my more professional pursuits. The information presented in both of my profiles reflects what each account is.

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