Finally someone else has created an easy way for you to clean up your Facebook Profile. As someone who preaches the foreverness of your Facebook photos and updates, there’s finally an app that helps you clean up the mess that you may not know was there! Three guys from Kent State University have created SimpleWash, and great and easy to use app that helps you clean up your profile.

I’ve taken the liberty to try it out and show you how easy it is to clean up your Facebook profile.

First step, go to SimpleWash and login with your Facebook account.

Simple Wash Website

Then click the start button to have the app search your Facebook profile for offensive content.

Simple Wash Sharp

Then once the app has scanned your profile, you will be able to go back and edit or delete the content. Here’s an example from mine.

Oops I didn't mean to post that

Here’s where I posted something with a swear word in it, but no worries, you can click on the post

Take it down!

And now you can take down the offending post. Done and done! Thankfully this was the worst thing I had posted, but now it’s gone. Now go ahead and try it for yourself!

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