I can admit that I used to chase my Klout score like it was the holy grail of social media influence. It wasn’t until much later did I realize that chasing your Klout score was akin to a dog chasing it’s tail, while mildly entertaining for a brief amount of time, it eventually becomes pointless.

For those of you out there who are reading this and do not know what Klout is, Klout is a measure of social media influence which takes your activity from all your social networks, RT’s, Mentions, Likes, Comments, Shares, ect . . . and turns them into a quantifiable score, which is essentially how influential you are across social media channels. While the field of measuring influence is still in it’s infancy,  what matters to you should not be how influential your social footprint online is, but how great your content is that you’re putting out there.

One of the main problems I have with Klout is that they do not share how they measure your influence, granted I know that this is so people don’t try to work the system in order to get their score higher, but it also raises some eyebrows in the social media community of how valuable a tool like this really is. When Klout first hit the scene its creators were touting the new wave of social media measurement that would help employers hire people who knew what they were doing on social media. Thankfully the trend of having employers asking for your Klout score has faded, because people are realizing that how “good” you are at social media is subjective. As long as you’re able to produce great content and measure your success, your Klout score will begin to matter less and less.

So while it has taken me several years to finally understand, the key to great social media success is not an arbitrary number assigned by an algorithm, it is how your active users respond to the content that you’re putting on your profiles. So once you stop focusing on chasing a number, and start focusing on producing great content, you’ll be much happier, and your followers and fans will be too.

BTW, my Klout scores are 55 and 45. 😉

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