Nice post from Bowden 2 Bowden about the breakdown of demographics of different social sites. Have a read!

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the silhouette of his head with the words on the topic of social networkingThe face of social media has changed drastically since Friendster in 2002 and the social  giant Facebook, burst onto the scene in 2004. The number and type of social media sites available has grown exponentially. Facebook and Twitter tend to dominate the social networking scene, while sites like Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr facilitate content sharing among social media users. Google Plus offers a little bit of both. While young people have historically accounted for the lion’s share of the usage on these sites, the demographics across these popular social media sites continues to evolve.


By the end of 2012, Facebook had 1.06 billion registered users, with 618 million logging onto the site each and every day. Although the bulk of the early Facebook adopters were college-age students, a full 65 percent of those using Facebook today are 35 years and older. Women are also a dominant force on…

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