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So your non-profit has decided to start using social media, but the question you’re asking yourself is “Where do I start?” Well you first need to ask yourself some questions. When I was working at my first non-profit, we just made the case that we needed to be on Facebook and Twitter because not many non-profits were using social media and we saw an opportunity in the market for us to get involved in an area that had huge potential growth. Unfortunately, most non-profits are involved in social media, so you have to be a bit more strategic in why you’re joining social media. This list of questions should help you establish your social media goals and help you to determine which social media platforms your organization should be on social media.

These two questions are a great place to start: 

What are your main Social Media objectives

a. What are the main reasons you want to be on social media channels?

b.  How do your social media objectives align with your organizations mission or business goals?

Who is your target audience? Are you using any social media management tools?

a. What is your target demographic that you hope to reach on social media channels? Identify them here:

b. Are you currently using social media? If so are you using any tools to help you manage your social channels? Check out this link for great social media tools to help you make your social media management much easier.

c. What do you currently know about your target demographic? Do you know what social media channels they’re using? How do you plan to find out which social media channels they’re using? Email social media surveys or internet research is a great place to start if you no idea.

These 5 questions are a great start to getting your social media channels off the ground. Stay tuned for a breakdown of the main social media networks and how you can utilize them to help you with your organizations goals.

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