With more consumers looking at brands as contributors to their lifestyle (think SoulCycle and S’Well Water Bottles) all brands need to think through the lens of how their products and services can contribute to your customer’s lifestyle. Which leads us to an unlikely social media channel, one with nearly 140 million active monthly users worldwide, Spotify. Yes, you read that right Spotify.

With music being the driving force from everything to your workout, morning commute, even the soundtrack to your workday, as social marketers, we cannot underestimate the power of music to connect with our consumers in new and interesting ways. With recent news of Facebook’s new algorithm, finding new ways to engage with consumers on other channels and platforms is more important than ever.

Spotify provides and untapped channels for brands to curate experiences for their consumers, albeit auditory experiences. Imagine a CPG brand specializing in cleaning products curating a playlist of upbeat music to help make cleaning less of a chore, or a food subscription box service curating a playlist for date night, the opportunity for these brands to continue engaging with consumers when they’re using the product is a way to add value beyond the use case. Social marketing is all about adding value, whether that’s a social post that provides a tip or trick, or a video that showcases a new or unique way to use the product, adding value tends to help cut through the noise of consumer’s timelines.

So as you’re planning out activations for 2018, consider throwing Spotify into the mix. It’s a nice surprise for your consumers and could help you to reach and engage new consumers.

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